Why you are having a hard time losing weight

We have all felt this - the trouble of losing weight whether it is just a goal or for some occasion. The equation for weight loss however simply involves two variables:
Calories In Vs. Calories Out 
However, this can easily be misinterpreted when you don't have enough information about the remaining sub-variables that are having an impact on your weightloss output. 
Stress: Whether you’ve had a rough day at work/school or you have personal stuff going on the pressure and influence of stress can affect your decision making when it comes to food. Food is a go-to stress reliever for millions of people BUT the relief is only temporary.

It’s not long before feelings of guilt and disappointment are taking over and that can lead to even more poor decisions.  

This is why stress management is VITAL for fat loss.

 If you identify your main sources of stress you will be able to work on practical solutions to reduce the impact of them on your fat loss goals and overall lifestyle.
Sleep: If you’re not getting a good night's sleep then you’re going to experience an increase in cravings, hunger, and food reward (your perception of how good something tastes).

The good news is that you can fix this relatively easily.


Try to unwind before bed, stay off your phone, pick up a book and you will be in a MUCH better state to get some high quality sleep.


Environment: Cookies on display in your kitchen?  Work in an office where Phil from accounts is ALWAYS passing around a box of doughnuts?


If you make adjustments to your environment it lowers the amount of Will Power you need to call upon to resist temptation.


You only have a limited reserve of Will Power and if you can save a bunch by making slight adjustments to your environment then you’ll be much stronger when you really need to be.

Appetite: As you progress on your fat loss diet you will experience an increase in appetite. This is due to a number of factors including hormonal changes in leptin (controls your appetite) and ghrelin (increases your appetite).

You can combat this by opting for foods that are high in fiber and water as well as consuming more protein.


What factors do you think you need to work on right away?