One-on-One Coaching -  25 Sessions

One-on-One Coaching - 25 Sessions

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The private coaching pack is a comprehensive plan for individuals who are getting ready to get started on achieving strength, and losing weight. This session pack outlines intense training sessions with the personal trainer you are signing up with. Please be advised that you are on your journey to become a better you!

Looking for a holistic approach, but can't afford a personal trainer, nutritionist and life coach. Check out this program curated for your goals from achieving strength to losing weight and everything in between.

This program designed for 3 days/week for overall fitness will allow it's users to focus on being holistic and can be added to something you are already focusing on. The program is results driven, and should be followed as suggested to see results. 

All sessions are inclusive of strategic programming including recovery, stretching, dynamics and body assessment.